Healthy lifestyle

Our passion is to experience the full potential of our immune systems in order to regenerate the body. We want to eat and drink only what makes us feel balanced. We believe that organically grown food coupled with complex exercise and a joyful approach brings “miracles”. Fruit is our daily bread, kombucha and microgreens provide us with vitality, and thanks to vegan and fermented dinners we feel like true WINNERS!



small.jpgThe purpose of this project is to share our high-carb-low-fat-raw-vegan knowledge and products. Living on this diet has made us feel healthier and more balanced. We are pushing for the inclusion of a high-carb-low-fat approach to veganism in the “raw boom,” a recent movement concerning raw eating in Prague.




kombucka.jpgTraditional fermented tea known as kombucha is an important source of enzymes, vitamins, and symbiotic microorganisms that are essential to the health of the body. Hynek, part of the Vila Flora team, has a strong passion for working with kombucha, using it in healing sprays, drinks, and a variety of other forms. The purpose of this project is to boost the accessibility, quality and power of kombucha.




xxx-9s.jpgAt least 12 times a year spring comes to Vila Flora - the microgreens liven up the kitchen with their fresh, green sprouts. MikroFarma is a project aimed at growing and sharing microgreens, the small shoots of vegetables picked right after the first leaves develop. MicroFarma is driven by Michaela and Jakub’s love for the crunchiness of sunflower shoots, the sweetness of barley juice, and their desire to make local produce accessible to Vila Flora and neighboring restaurants.


Fermented Power

12467951_10153617768104342_1208204577_n.jpgLast year, the magic of fermantation changed our perception of nutrition and humanity. Every evening, since we have empowered and nourished ourselves with the bold tastes of fermented seeds and nuts, as well as the invigorating sharpness of sauerkraut, kimchi and pickled vegetables. Here at Vila Flora, we have come embrace the idea that development of dietary habits in many cultures were centered around the production and consumption of fermented foods. Fermentation connects us and helps us evolve. Our goal is to, in cooperation with these cultures, eat & share their products. We invite you to join the movement!