imageedit_2_5052205078.jpgMichaela Ahimsa

Michaela is a queen of sensation. For that she uses her heart filled with desire for a world full of empathy and fruit. She dedicated her university studies to Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy of nonviolence and its application on Czech circumstances. Since then Michaela is implementing Gandhi’s thoughts on practical level, while doing steps to enhance self-sufficient and nonviolent society. She has been helping with local projects in Kenya, applied various methods to heal her hearing in India, and built off-grid houses called Earthships in USA. Now, thanks to Michaela’s patience and responsibility Vila Flora flourishes. She takes care of communication with guests, boosts the project FruityDay, and organizes weekly meetings of Inner look.


Hynek Opolecký

12650680_10153644998219342_1652279196_n.jpgHynek is a king of fermentation. In his kingdom he lets to multiply millions of organisms responsible for running the cycle of life and evolution. His empire is based on whole approach to body and mind. It is a space for fresh and fermented food & drinks, and for children, women and men desiring a wealthy world. The purpose of this kingdom is to use natural resources to ensure warmth, electricity, growth, hygiene and health. For those reasons Hynek dedicates his energy for projects Prague Earthship, Vila Flora and KombuChaman. The most he enjoys writing, drawing, music, constructing and running. Hynek takes care of rentals, events and bar in Vila Flora.


Jakub Hegedűš

malejhegi.jpgJakub is a king of sprouts. In his farmstead he can in few days grow thousands of plants, even though this plot is 1 meter square only. Next step for him is to join this skill with aquaculture to create indoor planting units. Thanks to carpenter education and handyman skills he will succeed easily. Jakub takes care of maintenance, development and improvements of interiors and exterior of Vila Flora, and project MicroFarma and Aquaponics.



Jan Kysela

malejhanza.jpgJan is a king of education and falling in love. Since high school he wanders how to improve the way how people learn and teach. Inspired by Buddhist teachings Jan initiated meetings of people interested in developing conscious schools. Jan has launched student organized School 21 and his ideas of education helped to initiate Vila Flora. Few months ago he came back from a Buddhist monastery, thinking how to leave everything behind and at the same time start new projects. He loves to bring people together, share new perspectives on life and relationships, and to improve Vila Flora with his feedback.