Three years ago, in a melting pot of culture, art, innovation and science known as Prague, 10 women and men decided to follow their dreams together.

Some knew each other from years of schooling, some from months of working on projects. Some had only known each other a few days. All of them had the common will to bring fresh perspectives, ideas, recognition and culture back to the city and land.

Finding the best within themselves, making a living doing something they are passionate about, and the desire to inspire and enrich society were ideas that connected and motivated them.

11334285_409554085919000_4299739068940033299_o.jpgDays and nights they began to fill the community space with education, creativity, self-sufficiency and health. Vila Flora had been established, and its name was heard in many countries. They were enjoying not only love and food, but they were also organizing various events that taught people new things.

The beginning chapter of this story has a happy ending, as the first and fundamental goal has been successfully met: The establishment of a community which, thanks to the cooperation of many kinds of people, is more self-sufficient, educated, healthy and creative.





The story continues now.




Michaela, Jakub and Hynek have decided to continue living in and developing Vila Flora to its fullest potential. They dedicate themselves not only to each other, but also to guests, renting rooms, workshops, and their projects. Michaela is the mastermind behind FruityDay, Hynek is the KombuChaman and Jakub the MikroFarmer.

Come to Vila Flora and be part of our unfolding, ever-changing story!