Our philosophy on education is that sharing information, experiences and a studious atmosphere enhances healthy and self-sufficient life styles. We are also interested in active nonviolence and seek to put its concepts and ideas into practice. In our lives, we focus on looking inwards for answers.


Škola 21

12698844_10153646882049342_604323138_o.jpgVila Flora is in close cooperation with Škola 21, an alternative school organized by its students. The central question of the Škola 21 is, “What do young people want to study?” Students are able to choose which subjects are taught, who their teachers will be and what methods of instruction will be used. The first year was aimed at a self-developmental approach to education. The school’s central location for the first two years was Vila Flora, but now it is expanding to new locations due to increased enrollment. The broad scope of student-elected subjects taught include music, communication, entrepreneurship and more.





Ahimsa Academy

be-the-change-you-want-to-see-in-the-world.jpgAhimsa Academy is a follow-up on the message of Mahatma Gandhi and Silo, who dedicated their lives to active nonviolence. Our intention is to adjust their proposals to present situations. The idea is to act in unity with the best within ourselves in order to foster a more humane world. But how does one live their daily life on the practical to enhance this evolution? Everyone needs to find their own answer, and we would like Ahimsa Academy to be a hub of these answers. Our purpose is to help spread knowledge about methods of overcoming violence and suffering, and to enhance long term development instead of preventive steps.


Inner Look

12695654_10153646907114342_731918403_o.jpgEvery Wednesday, Vila Flora invites friends, acquaintances and guests to gather for an evening of communal meditation and reflection. Our intention is to push all of our daily activities aside and concentrate our energy inwards. We base the content of our meeting on a little book known as Silo’s Message or Inner Look, written by philosopher, writer and spiritualist Silo. However, the group is open to leading meditation and discussion inspired by other books or ideologies. Our goal is to be in unity with the best within ourselves and to think, act and speak in accordance with that.

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