Regular Program in Vila Flora

14853213_612369878970752_5787437497090169271_o.jpgWe wish to fill the space around us with what we love. Since November we organize regular events at Vila Flora. We will be happy if you come for any of the evenings.

On Monday is time for our guests to share their culture, on Tuesday we focus on our inner look, share and meditate, on Thursday we run and do yoga.

You are welcomed to join us during a common vegan dinner that we prepare before each event. The contribution for the meal is open with recommendation 80-150czk.

The events usually start at 7 pm. You will find more information below or in Vila Flora facebook events. Unless not specified, the entry is free or voluntary.

You can also enjoy raw deserts, date smoothies, forest coffee, kombucha, sirups, teas, or fermented snacks in our home bar

Thank you.

Multicultural Mondays

mensi-upraveno-img6758.jpg Within only one year we had people from more than 12 cultures helping us at Vila Flora as volunteers and sharing their way of live. More and more we are touched by the beauty, diversity and unity of humankind. We discover various habits, thinking, art, food, smells, smiles, sounds, etc., etc., etc.

We don’t want to have all of that just for ourselves, so we have decided to let our volunteers organize an evening full of their culture each Monday. They choose what they want to do, prepare or show.

Every Monday evening Vila Flora moves to a different country, and we become citizens of another nation. You will find information about particular evenings in the facebook events of Vila Flora.

Inner Look & Meditation

14203131_609178132623260_2780482098610866422_n.jpgIt’s been already four years that we meet each Tuesday in order to focus only on the most important things. We dedicate this time and space to ourselves, perceiving with inner look, discovering worlds beyond our eyes, unfolding real humanity.

At the beginning we find and share any inner revelations or significant experiences we have recently had. Then, we mostly do a guided meditation inspired by a ceremony from Silo’s message. Sometimes someone introduces some other technique or we just meditate. The purpose is to live closer and closer to the purpose of our life.

We invite everyone to create and enjoy atmosphere of inner look and reflexion.

Yoga & Running

14910545_609183822622691_1603986877994323917_n.jpgEach Thursday Kali shows us how to rehabilitate the body with yoga. She is inspired by various traditions that she discovered on her long stay in India. Come whether you are a beginner or advanced to experience a fusion of practices and positions that help us feel that the body really belongs to us.

We learn to master: basic yoga positions, balance positions, relaxation, breathing techniques, stretching the body in a healthy way.

You may come on individual lessons: contribution is 130czk (5Eur) per 90-120 mins.

Before we do yoga, we go running. The more runners, the more happiness we gain. We run out from the Vila at 5pm.

After the yoga lesson you are welcomed to join us with a balanced vegan dinner.